A dreamlike universe mixing the true and the false.

François Avons declares to be a figurative-abstractionist, a subjective-surrealist. His art is always a mix between true and false, black humour and meaningful messages.

He likes to play with your senses and feelings using non-reality subjects, humour, transposition, ambiguity and still-life deception.

His art try to create an atmosphere, an emotional shock, a bridge between the objective and the subjective world. His paintings express his attraction for the strangeness, mysteriousness and the magical side of things. His paintings are untouchable, unreal but still there.

"What you see is not what you think"

François Avons

An artist who has an intimate and mystical relationship with nature

It took him years to develop a unique recycling technique, wherein he restores wooden doors destined to be thrown away as the support for its paintings.

Through this process, he is able to give new life and purpose to materials that would otherwise be discarded, while also providing an sensitive and meaningful medium for its art.

His work is often inspired by nature and human behaviours, and seek to convey the beauty and fragility of our natural environment.

Through its art, he seeks to move people and encourage them to respect and protect our planet, as well as to foster a deeper connection to nature.

A prolific artist who dedicates his life to art and noble recycling

François AVONS currently lives and works In the inspiring countryside of Burgundy (89), France.

He graduated from the Institute of Visual Arts in Orleans (45), France. After graduation, he developed his first surrealist collections, exhibited in galleries and received honors.

He founded his own graphic design studio, Studio AVONS and worked for prestigious french brands including Kenzo, Hermès, Lancôme and French government. His career also led him to create official sculptures reproductions for the Louvre Museum, as well as giant frescoes and panoramas for municipalities.

Most recently, he created his own art workshop in Courtenay (45), France - Les Ateliers de La Cléry where he teaches paintings, sculptures technics to hundreds of students. He aslso still gives drawing and painting courses in several municipalities in Burgundy (89).

He has always been involved in the art world and has exhibited his work in numerous galleries in Paris, San Francisco and London. Although he has always preferred the local scale where his work resonates with a rural population in search of reverie.

He has never stopped producing, whether in sculptures, upcycling old found materials into steampunk lamps, or developing series of paintings like Androids or The Rebuilders.

"Each painting has its own meaning and hidden details. I like to watch people reactions and interpretations"

François Avons