Curators, galleries and institutions

Open to collaborating

The artist is currently seeking new opportunities to collaborate with galleries, curators, companies or institutions. He hopes to share his work and to engage with a broader audience and connect with art lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts who appreciate his work and share his values. 

He is open to collaborating with galleries that share his statement and are committed to showcasing his most thought-provoking pieces. While he is mostly a self promoted artist, he has no exclusive contract with any gallery. This website and his facebook and instagram profiles are self promoted and are an attempt to find his public. But the artist is still looking for a long-term partnership that will benefit both parties.

Get the artist complete portfolio

Please note that the site shows only a selection of paintings, including those that have not been sold. The artist's production is much more extensive than that, and includes several series of sculptures, other paintings and a series of upcycled lamps made of recycled materials.

His work has mostly been exhibited on a local scale, but some of it has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in New York and at the John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco or in galleries in Paris - Exhibitions list. Today, the artist's approach is part of a movement around sustainable development and ecological awareness, we are sure that these works will resonate with the public and be a valuable addition to any collection or exhibition.

If you are a gallery owner or a curator who is interested in collaborating with him, please do not hesitate to contact him. He would be happy to provide you with additional information about his artwork.

Get gallery price listing

The prices shown are the result of gallery sales and have been set according to the size of the work and the time spent. They also include the inherent costs of e-commerce.  In the case of a collaboration, we will talk about the use of this website.

Access to a complete brand kit

The artist is able to provide all the elements you need to work in the best conditions: a detailed CSV list of all artworks with the latest gallery prices, dimensions, weight, descriptions, high definition photographs of each artwork, as well as a complete personal branding kit including portrait photos of the artist, a logo, a biography, an artist statement, a beautiful certificate of authenticity template, and a list of exhibitions.