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The knot

The knot

  • Medium: Pencil
  • Support: Wooden door
  • Dimensions: H60 x W35 cm
  • Year: 1999

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    The idea of unity through intertwined differences and of the inevitability of conflict

    The knot is an intriguing pencil drawing on an aged wooden board that captures two grand deer heads locked in an intense battle. Their horns are intertwined in an intricate knot, resembling a rope, as if they are bound together in an eternal struggle. The painting captures the viewer’s attention, evoking a variety of emotions. One is struck by the humor of two mighty creatures in a seemingly impenetrable stalemate, yet simultaneously by the solemnity of the situation.

    The title of the painting, ‘The Knot’, is laden with symbolic meaning. It is a metaphor for the eternal battle between opposing forces, the complexity of human relationships and the concept of entanglement. The painting serves as an allegory of the human condition, where individuals are locked in a never-ending cycle of struggle and conflict, unable to escape the knot that binds them.

    The painting, with its intricate details and captivating imagery, is a remarkable work of art that offers a fascinating insight into the complexities of human nature. The knot is a powerful visual representation of the complexities of life, relationships, and the human experience, leaving the viewer with a sense of awe and contemplation.


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